It's been so long since I've written anything on everything 2, that I'm not sure I even remember how to daylog correctly. We'll try anyway.

Today, (Sunday for me still; I haven't slept a wink), I slept until about 4pm. It was nice, except for the fact that I was supposed to meet my friend and co-worker NightShadow at the cafe around 5, to go to work and be there by 6. Upon FINALLY meeting up with him at about 5:40, we head off to that fair land known as Brentwood.

After clocking in, we head upstairs, ready to get started. We had nothing to do until 7pm, but let's skip past that.

NightShadow went on break at about 8 or so, leaving me all by my self to run twenty (nineteen if you count number 18 which had no evening shows) projectors. I, being bored stiff after about 10 minutes of his absence, decide to call the ex-girlfriend. Mind you, we are still friends, and apparently both have strong feelings for each other. We chit-chat for about 10 minutes or so, most of the conversation is me making myself unavailable to her as she has done (on her account, unintentionally) to me for the past couple of weeks, exchange I Love You's, and end the call. This proves to be the highlight of my evening.

Never before had I thought that making myself unavailable to the person I want to spend time with would make me feel good, but it did.

I feel free!
I feel confident.
I feel in control of my life.
I feel ... Wonderful!

I had been letting things like this get to me for the longest time, and I no longer feel burdened by them. I am my own being, and therefore should be in control of my own life, just as she so quite apparently is.

Now I am.