a scar faery said "Herring is absolutely groovy and we love him to bits." Indeed we love Herring to bits. And wertperch, for mentioning at the point in time where I couldn't possibly imagine myself without noders around me for more than a couple of weeks, that indeed, he was thinking of having a nodermeet in Nottingham in October. So he held one and I went, but really only to see lou's tiara and perhaps get a hug. I got several.

We even love Albert's two resident piano and seven-on-a-sunday-morning-noisy-cartoon terrorists. Despite behaving like robotic customs officials, constantly rummaging through our carefully packed rucksacks. We love his horses and his local newsagents and his house which he opened for the lot to sleep in. I think we scared Mrs. Herring though, but I promise we tried to be nice to her.

I got to take a stroll with some guy from the other side of the planet, I got to take the number eleven bus and say thanks to the bus driver. I have pockets full of funny money that my kids will inevitably find and try to buy sweets with (ha ha!) and a head full of Nottingham. Didn't get to see many sights or jousts though, but there was coffee and ales and fish and chips and card games and smokes and hugs and pats and questions and answers and laughs and pauses and silliness and a little more ale and a Japanese businessman's glasses (poor sod!) some very special toothbrushes and a couple of sprints to the loo and a quiet fifteen minutes at the train station and princess loulou and booyaa and wertperch and Albert Herring and sloebertje and a bunch of Dutch people and lemur and ascorbic and Danny and Anthony and catchpole and Tiefling (who should be renamed Briefling after his shortish visit) and Sarah and Dee and the Baron again and Patrick and Daniel and Mrs. Herring and HamsterMan and probably a lot of other noders and an old guy who told me he was old while StrawberryFrog bought crisps that tasted great. The Sunday was sunny and I was bloody thankful for getting far more than what I bartered for.

And lemur's favourite bra which she refused to show us. How British.

Not to mention the fact that I travelled about ten hours each way to sit in a pub a whole day and talk. Britnoders does that to grown men.

I'll be back.

A toalight announcement: The Andrew Aguecheek/toalight Saddam Hussein/Osama bin Laden reality show will air once the CIA is done with them in the interrogation room deep inside their secret carrier off Diego Garcia. The setup is rather sketchy at the moment since one of the Executive Producers fell asleep about half two Saturday morning. Also, he won the snoring contest with flying colours (or nostrils rather).

In short, the show will feature Osama and Saddam in a caravan, given only blunt plastic silverware with which to finish each other off. The catchline for the show will of course be "Death Of A 1001 Cuts". All of the 2000 webcams will air exclusively in Osama's blog. Contrary to popular belief, his blog is devoid of popup traps.