I called in sick today, which means the opportunity to spend smoking time with some seriously important people will pass. My project is about to finish, and the final months of any such undertaking are always spent socializing, smoking in groups, commenting on nice cars and particularly expensive fishing rods, asking about whatever boring but financially sound lives people lead, how their SO is coming along and what same-school-as-me-only-thirty-years-later learning institution any offspring of theirs is going to be attending in a while. Hell, I get paid to flirt too.

I'm evil.
I'm a whore.
Getting work is half my work.

So instead - if my sick little stomach are up to it - the waking hours of today will be spent writing documentation for another client. A little less exciting perhaps, but I charge by the hour and not by the endorphin level I happen to achieve by doing what I will eventually charge for. You should try me some time.

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Powermad - Slaughterhouse
Minus Maja - Desember