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"I discovered a good test to ascertain whether you have completed your purpose on Earth: "If you're alive, you haven't.""
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Terry L. Johnson, Sr.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Experienced and innovative general manager with limited customer service and administration skills;
Dynamic, enthusiastic, highly skilled with people, affirming, gregarious, sociable, and adaptable;
High personal integrity, and able to relate to and create trust in all;
Keen ability to see potential in people;
Highly articulate, confidant, and persuasive team-builder
Extremely able to motivate and communicate to achieve exceptional business performance;
High-spirited, resourceful, shrewd, and imaginative problem solver,
Dependable and reliable in supporting and enabling team effort to produce genuine long-term sustainable development
Talent for seeing how to turn a liability into an asset;
Have great ideas, and are a major asset in brainstorming sessions
Persistent and flexible approach to a mutual beneficial achievement of organization's directives and the personal goals of staff;
Personable, verbally fluent (able to speak easily and smoothly with no mistakes), and
A great deal of zany charm, which makes me pleasant, easygoing, and usually fun to work with


Ministerial Training – Rhema Bible Training Center Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 1981
Computer Training – Tulsa Metro Community College, Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 1985

Associate in Arts Degree:
Major: Letters, Arts, and Sciences
The Pennsylvania State University, Shenango Campus at Sharon, Pennsylvania - August 2000

Bachelor of Science Degree:
Major: Human Development and Family Studies
The Pennsylvania State University, Shenango Campus at Sharon, Pennsylvania - May 2003

• Achieved 3.7 GPA and graduated with an accumulated 3.2 GPA
• Member of the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) Honor's Club
• Honor Student with 12 Credit hours of honor's course work
• Received Button-Wahler and other Scholarships
• Dean's List

Member of the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) Human Development & Family Studies Club

As Public Relations Chair to the Student Government Association of the PSU-Shenango Campus, I was responsible for writing articles to the PSU regional newspaper on behalf of the PSU-Shenango Campus. Participated in active learning, team building, and group exercises, supervised a five-member college group in creating a mock human service agency while attending Penn State University. Helped to conduct placement testing of new university students to PSU-Shenango Campus

As President of the PSU-Shenango Students for Cultural Diversity (SSCD), I organized and facilitated seven symposia per semester, designed to achieve the following objectives:
• Disseminate knowledge or information that would bring about a diverse multi-cultural environment throughout the PSU campus and the larger community of different cultural qualities
• Challenge instructors to understand their students' cultural biases as well as their own and thus affect their interactions with students in the classroom;
• Provide students with opportunities for dialogue on diverse issues of culture, race, ethnicity and relative areas;
• Equip students with tools to go beyond the campus in disseminating knowledge or information of cultural diversity issues in the struggle to dismantle racism;
• Affect positively Penn State University's administration policy, academic and outreach programs; and Affect the way course instruction is designed connecting the content of appropriate courses with students' cultural backgrounds to the point where cultural diversity enhances the school's supportive learning environment positively affecting students of color.

Executive Director of Center for Synergic Leadership and Economic Development:
A middle/upper-level management position with responsibilities including problem solving, planning, organizing, and managing budgets. A people-oriented organization requiring skill and experience to assure broad cooperative effort through the use of strong administration and skills of persuasion to achieve goals, an ability to support and enable team effort to produce genuine long-term sustainable development, and an ability to relate to and create trust in all and to see potential in people.

Senior Non-profit Management Experience:
A wide range of industries and abilities, including 17 years of proven expertise, valuable experience, and skills in community relations, human resource management, interpersonal relationships, problem solving, personnel management, fiscal and strategic management, resource development, and executive accountability for strategic planning as Senior Pastor of Triumph Christian Center Church.

Founded Five Nonprofit Organizations:
• Triumph Christian Center Church, Inc., September 1990;
• Community Recreation League, Inc., 1991;
• Economic Development Corporation, Inc., August 2001;
• The Interstate River Consortium, Inc., June 2003;
• The Center for Synergic Leadership & Economic Development, Inc., June 2006.

As the Chief Executive Officer and the congregation’s Senior Pastor Founder of Triumph Christian Center Church, I served over 17 years. In summary, my responsibilities included providing for the ritual aspects of the congregation's religious life, and for teaching, or otherwise spreading the Christian doctrine, principles, ethics, values, and practices. In fulfilling these responsibilities, I founded an Elders Training School in which the congregation's leaders receive training in character development, professional and ministerial ethics, and in effective servant-leadership within a religious organization. As a seasoned and passionate communicator, I have exceptional teaching, training, motivating, mentoring, relationship building, and problem-solving abilities.

Detailed Tasks Performed:
• Administered religious rites or ordinances.
• Collaborated with committees and individuals to address financial and administrative issues pertaining to congregations.
• Conducted special ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, ordinations, and installations.
• Counseled individuals and groups concerning their spiritual, emotional, and personal needs
• Devised ways in which congregation membership can be expanded.
• Instructed people who seek salvation and/or conversion to the Christian faith
• Organized and engaged in interfaith, community, civic, educational, and recreational activities sponsored by or related to the Christian faith.
• Organized and led regular religious services.
• Participated in fundraising activities to support congregation activities and facilities
• Performed administrative duties such as overseeing building management, ordering supplies, contracting for services and repairs, and supervising the work of staff members and volunteers.
• Planned and led religious education programs for the congregation.
• Prayed and promoted spirituality.
• Prepared and delivered sermons and other talks and speeches.
• Prepared people for participation in various ceremonies.
• Read sacred texts from the Bible, the Torah, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Koran.
• Referred people to community support services, psychologists, and/or doctors as necessary.
• Responded to requests for assistance during emergencies or crises.
• Shared information about religious issues by writing articles, giving speeches, or teaching.
• Studied and interpret religious laws, doctrines, and/or traditions.
• Trained leaders of church in ministerial and professional ethics, community, and youth groups.
• Visited people in homes, hospitals, and prisons to provide them with comfort and support.

Detailed Work Activities Performed:
• Advised and provided pastoral counseling to clients and other individuals in spiritual matters
• Advised individuals regarding marriage, health, finances, or religion
• Analyze member participation or changes in congregation emphasis regarding various ministries
• Directed and coordinate activities of workers or staff
• Empathized with others during counseling or related services
• Interpreted various biblical doctrines and theologies
• Maintained cooperative working relationships within community service
• Made presentations
• Motivated and empowered people and leaders
• Promoted objectives of the church to associations, agencies, or community groups
• Referred clients to community services or resources
• Used agency mission as a guideline in social services delivery
• Used counseling techniques
• Used oral or written communication techniques
• Used public speaking techniques
• Used teaching techniques
• Wrote informational speeches

As Executive Director of the Community Recreation League, I developed, implemented, managed, and evaluated recreation programs for children, youths, and young adults. I gained valuable experience and skills in government and community relations, fiscal and strategic management, and resource development.

As founder and Executive Director of The Interstate River Consortium, I have gained experience in the following:
• Forging alliances among small independent community-based and faith-based social service organizations so that together they may command greater resources necessary to implement shared vision to serve the public
• Creating partnerships with businesses that shall agree to provide discounted services to such organizations
• Providing support to budding faith-based and community-based organizations with strategic management, resource development, board and volunteer relations, and community mobilization and collaboration; and
• Providing support of broad public relations strategies for the development, nurturing, and preservation of a grass-roots constituency, both among helping services professionals and in the larger community, that recognizes, accepts and advocates the values of good community, and sound program planning.

As founder and Executive Director of The Center for Synergic Leadership & Economic Development, my responsibilities included the following:
• Train and instruct church members seeking to fulfill their passions for business to recognize and seize profit-generating endeavors that enable them to meet their own needs and fund their vision and objectives;
• Consult, and oversee the creation of business teams and think tanks within the congregation that will collaborate and work together to recognize profit-generating opportunities to start new business enterprises and expand or acquire existing enterprises;
• Provide business development workshops to help entrepreneurial-minded congregation members understand the importance of trading goods, services, information, money, or anything else of value in the marketplace through business ownership>br>
Senior For-profit Management Experience:
Founded and incorporated 2 For-profit Business Organizations:
• Founded, established, and managed TCC Christian Music and Books (May 1993 - May 1994)
• Founded, established, and managed Johnson Enterprise Remodeling Company (1987 – 1990)

Training Experience:
Developed leadership curricula, courses, lectures & workshops for the Eldership Training School including...
Rules of Ethics (lectures covered)
• The Complexity of Applying Ethics
• Essentials to Effective Ethical Leadership
• Foundation for Making Ethical Decisions
• Obstacles to Making Ethical Decisions-Rationalizations
Ethics and Ministerial Etiquette
Understanding Ethical Dilemmas
Understanding the Church Foundations for Church Management
Church management by Eldership
Understanding Systems Approach to Church Management
Dealing with Offenses I
Dealing with Offenses II

Developed and presented leadership seminars and workshops in...
• Public Speaking
• Active Listening
• Leadership & Interpersonal Skills Development
• Business Development Workshops & Conferences
• Customer Service
• Character Development & Discipline
• Professional and Ministerial Ethics
• Team Building
• Servant Leadership

• Strong written and oral communication skills
• Author with the Editorial team-As a author, readers can find my articles featured throughout the Website, or search a particular category of interest to find my articles.
• Wrote small grant proposals as the Executive Director of the Community Recreation League
Received Community Development Block Grants for CRL Youth Recreation Programs ($23,500), ($15,500), etc
Received grant funding from private foundations

Technical Skills:
• Apple’s Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS X) Tiger Version
• Microsoft’s Windows Operating System
• Proficiency and computer experience in Microsoft Office (Professional) Applications
• Adobe Page-maker
• Front Page (Internet web design software)
• Creating and sending emails
• Using automated templates to create correspondence (letters, memos, forms)
• Experience using automated systems to access and navigate automated databases, and conduct electronic research

General Research Skills:
• Acquire data
• Manipulate data
• Retrieve data from automated information systems
• Use Methodology
• Produce survey work, (e.g., develop questionnaires, interview, etc.)
• Observe and classify
• Identify and use resources

Problem-Solving/Analytical/Conceptual Skills:
Ability to:
• Analyze Problems and Evaluate programs
• Reason Logically
• Perceive parts in relation to whole
• See patterns
• Develop theories out of patterns
• Synthesize different ideas, facts, or experiences to form a single idea
• Condense material to its important component
• Manipulate abstract concepts
• Think flexibly
• Impose structure--create order out of disorganization

Managerial Skills:
Ability to:
• Supervise
• Evaluate performance of others
• Assume and Delegate authority
• Manage time, Establish goals, Set objectives Motivate people, and Tolerate ambiguity

Special Skills:
• Working with my hands (experienced in areas of remodeling)
• Extensive experience with computer hardware and software
• Residential Electrical Wiring (non-licensed)

• (1990-Present) Triumph Christian Center Church in Farrell, PA (Founder)
• Center for Synergic Leadership & Economic Development (Founder & Executive Director)
• (1992-94) The Community Recreation League, Inc. (Founder)
• (1987-90) Johnson Enterprise Remodeling Company, Tulsa, OK (Founder)
• (1987) MacDonnell Douglas Corporation, Tulsa, OK
• (1984-87) Rockwell International, Tulsa, OK
• (1983-84) Stories That Live International, Tulsa, OK
• (1981-83) Various employments, Farrell, Wheatland, and Hermitage, PA
• (1980-81) Worked at private Steel Company, Tulsa, OK
• (1979-80) Master Sound Tape Duplicating, Tulsa, OK
• (1976-78) Van Huffel Steel Company, Warren, OH
• (1973-76) Sharon General Hospital's PIP Program, Sharon, PA
• (1972-73) Thomas Steel Company
• (1972) Graduated High School

Founded, incorporated, established, and provided leadership to 5 Nonprofit Organizations:

Triumph Christian Center Church, Inc. September 1990;
Community Recreation League, Inc. (CRL) 1991;
Economic Development Corporation,) (low-income housing organization) August 2001;
The River Consortium, Inc., (an Ohio Corporation) June 2003;
The Center for Synergic Leadership & Economic Development, June 2006

Founded, incorporated, established, and provided leadership in two for profit Business Organizations:

TCC Christian Music and Books May 1993 - May 1994 (Hermitage, Pennsylvania)
Johnson Enterprise Remodeling Company, 1987 - 1990 (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

• Served on the Redevelopment Authority for the City of Farrell, Pennsylvania
• Executive Committee of The River Consortium, Inc., (Warren, Ohio)

I was born on December 4, 1952 and grew up in Sharon, a small town of Western Pennsylvania. I was married to my wife Josephine on February 9, 1974. As of 12/2006, three of my five children—born 1974 through 1980—are married. Consequently, I have eight grandchildren.

The experiences I have had as a pastor have boosted my education, provided valuable learning, and expanded my skill in relating to people of varying backgrounds and cultures. The sequence of roles and work experiences throughout my life, including my schooling, continuing education, employment, and volunteer work, reveal that helping people have been the sum total of my career. In fact, my personal life mission is to empower others by helping people realize their human capacity and employ their potential for the benefit of humankind, contributing to their communities, self-determination, and providing economic opportunities for themselves and others. I continue to accomplish my personal life’s mission by teaching, training, mentoring, and encouraging personal and character development.

Interests and Hobbies:
I am enthusiastic about writing to share my knowledge and passion with others throughout the world. Writing enables me to share my unique voice through the creative and informative content of my original literary works. My interests also include empowering others, education, self-improvement, and reading philosophical books and other materials that challenge me to think critically.
My hobby is listening to various music genres. I especially enjoy classical, inspirational, jazz, and country.