I'm being held captive in a large house, along with a few other people. The people who keep us here are a strange mix of fraternity and ROTC types. Their leader is someone I know pretty well; it's almost as though he's my younger brother.

There's a party going on downstairs. I even go down and have some fun a few times; there are some very cute women there, and I occasionally go and make out with one of them. I soon find myself back in my old room, however, feeling a little guilty.

The group of prisoners occasionally try to come up with ideas on how to break out, but none of us are very enthusiastic or energetic about it. After a long, muted, hopeless-sounding discussion, we decide that there's nothing we can do. When we ask why we're trapped here, we just say: Because he's smarter than we are.

There are some pretty obvious interpretations for this. I see alot of my fear of having fun in this, especially in the guilt after pleasure. The overall sense of being held captive by something smarter than me is also accurate; I tend to think about things so much that I rarely act on them.

Update: interesting that this got downvoted quite so quickly. (This is my first try at a dream log entry, in case you couldn't tell.) Are there some unwritten (or, written but not found by me) rules about which dreams are worthy of the writeup? Or are dream logs routinely downvoted to keep people from using them to just rack up XP? Please /msg any insight. Thanks.

Further Update: Ah, nevermind, I think I found the answer: The Problem With DayLogs. At least I know not to take it personally. Much. :) (And I'll freely admit that it's a pretty dry bit of writing. Sorry.)