I went outside for the first time in years today.

Well, not exactly. I have been outside many times in the past few years but I've not gone out solely for the purpose of enjoying the grass and the dirt and gravel and sun in a long, long time. Today I put a dress on over my pajamas and left the house barefoot.

What a treat that was!

I walked down the street to a lake, burnt my feet on the asphalt, watched geese, tried not to step in too much goose shit, burnt my feet on the asphalt, and went to a park. I was sad to learn that swings are not made for people as big as I am. After today I am tempted to set up a tire swing from the crabapple tree in my backyard. I hung half-off the swing for a little while and let it go. The breeze felt wonderful.

On my way home I burnt my feet on aphalt and saw a sprinkler that was barely hitting the street but I got a bit wet. A man who I assume lives there saw me and said I could play in the sprinkler if I liked. I did like. It was wonderful. I had taken off my dress about a block after I left my house due to the heat and I put it a bit out of reach of the sprinkler. I got soaked. It was great. My hair got all wet and frizzy and my eyeliner washed off. I must have looked like a little kid again walking home trying not to hurt my feet on rocks.

Once I got back on my street a Jewish lady asked me if I had hurt myself. When she saw that I simply hadn't worn shoes her attitude changed and she was kind of being critical of me to the other lady who was with her. I attempted to explain that not wearing shoes is a perfectly healthy thing but seeing as how I had quite obviously caused myself some (good) pain, she didn't seem to believe me.

All in all, I now have 2 bug bites, burnt feet, 2 or 3 blisters, and dirty soles.

I also had an awesome time.

Worth it?

Very much so!