makes some geezer noise then says...well, son... sounds to me like you have a healthier take on this god thing than most of them there so-called Christians. In Skinny Legs and All, Tom Robbins muses about the Judeo Christian God being created as a way of rejecting the nonrational (yin) aspects of God. The astoundingly stupid irony is that your self-denoted scientists and self-proclaimed skeptics are even more yang than the religion that drove them to it in the first place.

Regarding the empty throne or anarchy, as it might be. You ever notice how kids get along fine until their parents come home? Morality without authority and/or morality without god might just be the sort of thing that allows one to be truly moral. Taking it a step further to consider morality without judgment, I wonder if the whole morality without bundle might be shooting for morality without a rational center.

Both morality and rationality exist, as does society. If you consider society to be important, you then (rationally) have a guideline for your actions. How quickly the structures reassert themselves. (and, by the way, if you keep at it, you'll find that god is one twisted character)

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I built a god out of blood, not superiority
... I killed the king of deceit, now I sleep in anarchy
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