Spock/Uhura - Episode III

The huge Vulcan sun setting on the desert horizon was still too bright for Uhura to look at as it sank into the bands of indigo dust on the horizon. They had walked all day together, in the rough hooded robes Spock had woven for them. Their connection had deepened, every day now their bodies and minds seemed more closely aligned.

Not suddenly, gently, like a flower opening at night, Uhura could feel that Spock was about to speak after an hour of silence. As she walked and marvelled at the shadows of the desert mountains against the changing sky, she went into herself to be closer to the sensation of Spock's mind inside her own. She felt for the boundary between them. Its vividness told her that she had not simply caught a piece of him as his mind stirred to address her - he had sent himself to her. When she realised this she allowed herself to grow, trace him out and envelop him. She held part of him in her mind, cradled, and sent her feeling of awe at the beauty of where he had brought her, so that he would know that she had seen him in the dark.

"Nyota, you are incredible. There are many on Vulcan who practice all their lives and do not have your...instinct, connection, no, I do not know how to describe it in human terms"

She turned her dark eyes to him and smiled faintly, sending the Vulcan word "Nun-khi" across the air to him, modulating it so it arrived in his mind softly, but quite distinctly. Professional pride made her send the word with a spiderweb of associations attached to it.

"Of course, I apologise" Now he was smiling, as he lowered his head in acknowledgement of his oversight.

"I have a question for you. In everything you've told me or shown me about what we're experiencing, as you prepare for pon farr, as we become bonded, you never talk about the science. It's noticeable. I want to know, this isn't a Vulcan thing, and it isn't just you, it's me too"

"Pon farr with the pair fully bonded through kali farr doesn't happen on starships. It is fairly unusual between Vulcans who meet as adults. What is passing between us is almost unique. I only know of one other occurrence of a Vulcan male undergoing kali farr with a human female. That was after they had undergone a Vulcan year of preparation and anticipation of the pon farr where they consummated their bond. They remain paired for life. They share a mental connection that deepens over the years and the cycles"

"Oh? Who are they?"

"My parents" In that moment Uhura understood both the significance of that statement to Spock, but also his non-attachment to it, his ability to refuse to project anything from outside into what was between them. She collected her harder heartbeat, her intellectual appreciation, her total wanting of him and sent them into his mind like a gently released arrow. She felt where it hit.

"I see. There's something else"

"This is one of the remaining mysteries of science that we know of. There are species with the ability to project and receive mental phenomena through processes we can measure and understand. Some species are able to detect changes in electrochemical activity. We still don't understand how Vulcans are able to meld minds, or why some humans are able to display these characteristics and others are not."

"That's still not it"

"Then take it from my mind"

She had been waiting for him to say it, and followed him in the dark back into himself. She pushed on, feeling the thought he held up at the highest mountaintop and deepest cave of himself for her. She felt his austerity and his intensity more closely than she ever had. She felt the danger of becoming completely enchanted by this person who was exactly who she wanted him to be. When she found what she was looking for, taking the knowledge up in her own mind was for a moment like carrying hot sand on the deck of a storm tossed ship until she closed around it and bore it back into herself. She left a tulpa of herself behind with him, to see if she could. Then she knew. For both of them, this was a chance to forget everything but each other and create something truly perfect together. For Spock, the universe had brought him to the edge, the limit, of discipline, shown her to him, and said, she has come to you, abandon yourself to her. He would no more seek to explain it further or justify it than he would deny it. It was settled the moment she kissed him and he could feel their minds at one. The moment they both knew that they were drawn together.



"This is where we stop, isn't it? As the sun sets?"


"How did you know that I would know?"

"We have been deep in the kali farr for longer than we knew. I knew it would take us with it together"

"Say the rest"

"When you kissed me on the bridge and I couldn't shut your mind out of my own, just as you couldn't tear yourself away from me. I knew then"


"And I was happy. I want you. I want to have you and I want you to have me"

"Every day we get closer you give in to it a little more, don't you?"


"When you are ready, you know I'll be there waiting, the hunter and the hunted, as you are"

"The hunter and the hunted"

"Now lie down. You know I know what to do"

Spock lay his robe on the flat volcanic rock and lay upon it as Uhura knelt at his side. In a ritual that was tens of thousands of years old, and simply what came most naturally to her in the moment, she slowly covered every single point on the surface of Spock's skin with her mouth, her tongue, the palms of her hands, her fingertips, inching her way up from his feet to the crown of his head. When she had crept all the way over him, stroking and licking him as he breathed beneath her, she pushed him gently over to lie on to his stomach and began again. All the while their spirits sang and flew together in the dark, him, every muscle tense, trying to contain his ecstasy and feel every moment of his own pleasure fully, her whispering into his inner ear, worshipping him, promising him, encouraging him to take it, take all of it. It took a long time, and it was a struggle for Spock to let go and accept all of what she gave him. His head was reeling and he was shaking as he stood up before kneeling to return the ritual to Uhura as she eased herself down upon the warm rock.

As Spock began he felt awe. Nyota welcomed him greedily, as she lay silently. She was fully open. There was no turmoil, no struggle between control and desire within her. She was completely in the moment. He felt challenged by her easy acceptance of what he gave her. She was spurring him to push her to the edge of what she could take, but she was so much more ready for this than him. While he used his whole body on her skin, he soared inside her mind and everywhere he looked was a woman who knew who she was, who deserved all good things, a queen of herself. He felt like a moon orbiting a planet of unimaginable wonder. Still in awe, he felt a snake of fear at the thought of exhausting himself upon her without giving her the dissolution that she had given him. As her body began to writhe on the rock with new heat, he brought more and more of himself to her as they flew together. He showed her flashes of his fantasies of them on Dagema-3 as his hands and mouth found a tempo on her body that pushed her to the edge. Finally he found her orgasm, and was able to keep her just before the point of no return, as she had done effortlessly with him. When eventually his part of the ritual was finished he lay beside her and they held each other in arms. The sun had finished setting over the Vulcan desert, but the horizon still glowed, rosy-fingered, red and pink.

They walked back the way they came out of the virtual desert. Hooded and silent, their bodies coming back down to baseline. Their bare feet stepped through the simulated sand and rock, under simulated stars. In their minds they walked together through the paradise of Dagema-3, in a shared dream.