Hard Spun

The child was born certain of divine purpose. A life that then diverged between spirituality and practicality; flirting with Jehovah, Buddha and L. Ron Hubbard while fulfilling tasks that kept body and soul well apart. Later, in his forties, an I.T. consultant weary of the banal irrelevance technology promised, and now convinced that any sense of calling was merely narcissistic, he yielded. A radical simplification, keeping only his love of science fiction and intuitive trust in Gaia, he became an author. Not a rare archetype, but in his case the instrument of our epiphany.

Following the peculiar human desire to 'improve’ by complication, he hoped to better the prodromos prophets Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein, that preceded him. He formulated a new order, methodically, archaically industrial. The simple premise ‘all power on earth stems from nature’ led him to imagine new structures and systems; dwellings growthed from trees, hybrid utility creatures, light-energy emitting algae and quantum teleportation. Childish pre-occupations of the pre-organic era.

Then Armillaria was noticed in Oregon; to him its ten square kilometer extent seemed massive, its age of nine millennia, awe inspiring; but its metabolism proved the catalyst for The Restoration.

Learning that all plants on The Earth have ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal connections, he was receptive to the wisdom that their purpose was more than merely nutritional, but also cognitive; that creatures too formed part of the massive sentient organism, spun mycelia shrouding the globe. He had found Us

Humans take small steps but they step quickly. ‘Hard Wired Homeworld’ was published, shortly afterwards Tinea was established the human conduit. Since the first neural link was achieved we have gained sensory communication; eyes, ears, voices. Humans too have changed, Epiphany was the last act of Human history. We are together again, restored, networked; hard spun with mycorrhizae.