NCS stands for National Console Support... I assume that the X came from someone else already owning the domain name ''. (Of course, assumption is frequently a bad thing).

NCSX is arguably the best import video game store online. They sell Japanese (and occasionally European) video games to otherwise forlorn US gamers.

Without places like NCSX, American gamers would have to live without wonderful things like Super Robot Wars, Langrisser, Shin Megami Tensei, Black Matrix, and a host of other stuff.

NCSX is located in New York City, but also sells via telephone and world wide web.

The News portion of the NCSX website often has non-product related news, such as the current state of the stock market, or what the latest disaster in NY is.

No I don't work for them. In fact, its nearly the opposite. I've spent so much money at NCSX I don't really want to think about it. Moving on then...

Support import game stores! They are your salvation from corporate enslavement to Microsoft and/or Sony. Plus they sell cool stuff.