A very rare Japanese Strategy RPG for Sega Saturn. It was remade for Sega Dreamcast as Black Matrix A/D, also called Black Matrix Advanced. This game has very strange music -- it sounds horrible at first, but it grows on you. There are large amounts of religious references in the game, and the animations in the Dreamcast version are very cool (I've never played the Saturn version, but I do have the soundtrack). I can't really say anything about the plot, because I can't read kanji. The 3D graphics are not spectacular, but they are on-par with other strategy/rpgs, and the 2D graphics are very good. I found the game rather addictive. It begins in a very odd way. You start by choosing one of the various female characters. You then have a short section of a daily life with that character. Collecting food, chopping wood, that kind of stuff. Then she will get kidnapped, or something, and you'll never get to actually use her in the combat portion of the game, until the very end. So my second time through the game, I picked the character I liked the least. Anyone willing to play import games (or who can read Japanese), and likes Strategy RPGs, should definately try this game.