I don't regularly have lucid or disturbing dreams (and therefore do not log much in the Dream Log) so last night's main dream was particularly intense (being both disturbing and lucid).

Some notes on the context of the dream:

The dream:
I'm in a large room with a group of friends (the dinner crew). There are conversations going all around but I'm not really a part of any of them. The dream is controlled (no time distortions) and I can move and speak freely. I seek out one person (let's call him S) who I've been wanting to talk to. The conversation revolves around the recent discovery that the seeds of a particular type of melon have psychedelic properties. I happen to have some of these seeds and proceed to hand them out and end up chewing on about ten of them.

Almost immediately the room grows (in volume) to look very much like the interior of a minimalist cathedral. And I can fly (this happens quite regularly). I call over to S: 'hey, have you noticed that I can fly?'. He hears me but says: 'Where are you, I can't see you.' It turns out that whenever I leave the ground I become invisible as well. I float over to S and hover just in front of him. 'Reach out, you'll be able to touch me' I say. S reaches out and finds the contour of my face, he bursts out laughing: 'Fuck maaaan, that's incredible.' He hugs me and as soon as he does I become visible again.

Clearly the melon seeds are not your average drug. There is much excitement around the room at my new-found abilities. I hover again (disapearing again) but as I do the room starts shaking terribly and blinding beams of light fill the room (as if a massive glowing being/animal of some kind has gripped it).

A cool, male voice speaks: 'You are being called to trial. The result will be your death.' The voice does not belong to the being shaking the room, he sounds like a courtroom clerk. He continues: 'The Universe will not allow its inhabitants to lightly discover the secrets to their lives.' As he says this glowing cards with all the questions we ask ourselves in the course of our lives (Why am I here? Where did this come from? What happens after this? etc.) appear and are sucked down a long dark tunnel away from me. By this time everyone else has gathered on one side of the room leaving me directly in front of the tunnel and I am being pulled into it.
At this point my sleeping body jerked me away and I woke.

The aftermath:
I lay in bed for about 5 minutes after waking, my one arm was numb even though I had not been lying on it. I could objectively say that I was in shock. A very real fear of being brought to book filled me. I reached over for my girlfriend and was eventually able to go back to sleep.

Some thoughts on the dream:

  • Quite frankly this dream will not change my life. I can logically explain to myself how the events of the preceeding two days could lead up to my brain constructing the series of events in the dream and therefore I do not feel like I have been 'communicated' with in any real way.
  • What did strike me about the dream was how the fear from the dream translated into my wakeful state. It was very real and remained so until I fell asleep again.
  • The one thing that I've taken away from it is an awareness that, on a low, biological level, I might not be as comfortable with my current lifestyle as I thought I was.
  • In the end I'm not ready to take it too seriously, but as an indication of how powerful and unpredictable the workings of my brain can be I cannot ignore it.