Today was the eclipse in Southern Africa. I am in Cape Town and we therefore saw only about a 60% darkening of the sun (which was still quite impressive). The path of the totality hit Africa over Angola, passed over Namibia, Botswana and the northern Limpopo province of South Africa (including the Kruger National Park). It then continued along over Mozambique towards Australia.

The totality was supposed to hit Musina (where 100 000 people were expected to gather) at 08:18 this morning. The totality lasted for 68 seconds. Astronomers say the next total eclipse in the region will not occur until 2030, so everyone wanted to make this one count. Apparently (according to news reports) there was some cloud covering on the path of the totality which left hundreds of tourists frustrated and pointing their massive lenses at the clouds hoping for a break through which they might get a peak at the diminished sun.

As for myself, it's a beautifully sunny day in Cape Town and the 60% darkening that we witnessed wasn't really noticeable unless you were specifically looking at it (the temperature did drop a little, but not significantly). But despite only feeling a small part of the effects of the eclipse it was still a wonderful experience. Just to be able to witness the gentle movement of those two massive celestial objects as they came together and parted again was a beautiful thing that was at the same time humbling and comforting. The main thing that I will take away from it is a reminder of how big the things out there are and at the same time how much we are in contact with the rest of our solar system and everything beyond it.