Once a TV was bought for me when it was raining in a two story Target. I have never bought a TV in my life and I dont think I will ever need to because of all these strange people insisting, that I have a TV and gifting me with one. I just hate it when they dont get the reaction they want. Like I should jump for joy because now you have let that vampireish box back into my life. I get to watch you get excited for a show lineup and comercialing singing parrot you become? Thanks really. I guess Ill buy you a book to return the favor. Nope, no pictures this time. I once threw a TV out the window to prove a point in a relationship once. She tried to use it agaisnt me as leverage. Now at that point in a relationship I should wiped my hands clean and walked away because to use something agaisnt me that has absolutly nothing to do with me or my person is a sign of someone not paying attention. But no I stayed for another month (YES I fel redeemed because of the TV 3 pointer!). But still how could they NOT know? Funny tho...they didnt know me but at the chance of loosing me, begged and bawled to keep me. You dont know me, why do you care? Ahh its that whole "I need somone in my life to justify my existence". I have some issues as well with that but every I see the truth outside of their words that were programed inside my brain. You can not use me against me anymore.