From the Sci Fi Channel's Farscape series. Pilot, the man and the species, are quite possibly the coolest thing about the show.


Pilot is the large, insect like, four-armed creature that is bonded to a Leviathan and regulates the ship's functions. For reasons never clarified by the show, both the individual members of the species and the species collectively is known simply as "Pilot" to everyone in the galaxy. They are highly intelligent and possess superior multi-tasking skills which enable them to process the massive amount of information from their Leviathan host. Initially they are independent creatures, but once bonded they become dependent on the ship to survive. Pilot and ship will live out the rest of their natural lives bonded as one.

Not a great deal is revealed about the history of the species, such as how they developed their symbiotic relationship with Leviathans. We do know they have a council of elders which somewhat governs their society. Their language is the most complex in the galaxy, with one sentence carrying over 100 different meanings.

Our Man Pilot

On Farscape "Pilot" is Moya's Pilot. He is dedicated to Moya first and foremost, but collectively Moya and Pilot are dedicated to the service of others, sometimes to a fault. Pilot has offered his life to save the crew on several occasions, though has never had to make the ultimate sacrifice. The crew did, however, cut off one of his arms in order to obtain maps back to their home worlds, an act which he quickly forgave. John Crichton often finds Pilot perplexing because of his attitude towards others. Pilot thinks the crew can be annoying because of their constant bickering and pettiness, but he is overall a patient, sensitive and highly ethical creature.

History of Pilot and Moya

According to the Elders, Pilot was too young and inexperienced to be bonded to a Leviathan and would be forced to wait many cycles to be bonded through normal channels. Being young and impatient, desperately wanting to see the stars, he instead made a deal with a Peacekeeper Tech to replace Moya's original Pilot. This resulted in the death of the original Pilot and a painful forced bonding with Moya. It is a decision he deeply regretted for many cycles until an incident forced him to deal with his past.

Pilot is the only person on the ship who can communicate directly with Moya, and because of their symbiotic relationship, they are most often in agreement. In certain situations Moya and Pilot have had differences of opinion, especially when facing certain death or where her child Talyn is concerned. Moya will assert her will over the crew and Pilot when she chooses, but eventually Pilot convinces her to see reason.