JM229 showed me everything2. i lurked around for a few days reading about Foucault, OLAP, The IRS, etc. and finally decided to register myself. I liked BBs's back in the early years of networked computing and then enjoyed usenet, so this is something I'm really into.

I am rapidly becoming addicted to this, although I am going away for a few days so I may go through withdawl. I have been doing lots of reports for the suits at my job, and while I enjoy mining data today I am like an information waiter, perhaps because I know I'll be on [west virginia|vacation} soon.

I listened to Primal Scream and Jonathan Fire Eater today, and I've been trying to contact Jimmy to see if he still wants to buy my Telecaster. I'm glad somebody from E2 got a tax refund, I just got an invoice this week (penalties and interest) and my accountant is working on it while I stress out.