I embrace my desire to
  feel the rhythm, to feel connected
    enough to step aside and weep like a widow,
      To feel inspired, to fanthom the power, to witness the beauty,
        to bathe in the fountain, to swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be human...

          - "Lateralus" by Tool


Just the other night I was talking to my best friend. Amongst discussing our big plans for the weekend of August the 15th with a few others, we were talking about music. Not an unfamiliar topic for the two of us.

While talking, he brought up that his band was interested in looking for a new guitarist, and he kindly suggested that I should be the one to fill the spot. Although having been playing guitar (and bass) for a combined total of eight years, I don't feel I'm too good -- at least, not good enough for any sort of band. This same friend and I, however, were once together in a band four or five years ago with two other friends (it's been long since we've spoken now). We really sucked at what we did for the time, but it was so much fun.

Now arises an opperunity to do this all over again. This time with more experience, more maturity, and more professionalism. I got really excited, almost giddy, at the thought I would be playing "music" again in an organized group.

Whether or not I actually become a recognized member of the band -- we may not get along? they may not like my style? -- I figure it would still be a good experience. Knowing my friend is already a sure thing in the group, I could be one to help them out, if they'd so much as need it; make them a website, do promotional photography (one of my hobbies, using my somewhat recently purchased digital camera), or just be a giver of constructive critcism.

Now that I've been so kindly handed this oppertuniy, I needed to get my musical inspiration back into play, hence the Tool lyrics that open this write up. Tool, along side other bands like finger eleven, Lost Prophets, Linkin Park, and others have always been huge influences on my style of playing. Just listening to their music, no matter where I am, just makes me wish I had a guitar on hand ready to jam along, or write my own tribute song in a similar fashion.

But until I find out for sure, I'll be waiting anxiously, guitar in hand, to find out what the future holds... musically speaking of course.