A photograph left by my feet
  reminds me of times once left behind.
    A distance, a well worn fact, things left to pass...

      - "Lately" by Lost Prophets

It's been a good two months since I last did any serious photography with my digital camera, and just when I thought I was really getting into this whole hobby. I'd been doing photography just since Christmas, but there were a number of people who seemed to think I was abnormally good considering the little amount of time I actually put into it as of then. My plan was, also, that during this summer break I would be taking pictures everywhere I went -- ya know, some real award winning ones.

However, my anticipation is growing this last week, as three of my best friends and I are going up to one of their grandparent's cottages for the weekend. That's right, four no-good punk teenagers, at a cottage that's a two hour drive away, with no parents. You do the math. But as fun as it will be, no doubt, I'm really hoping to take some serious pictures. From what I hear, the cottage is on it's own island and the sunsets on the little Northern Ontario lake are just spectacular.

Looking at my watch now it's about exactly sixty more hours until we leave. Until then, I've got a lot of preparation to do: recharge my batteries, dig up my video camera, go shopping for food, pick up various refreshments and pack whatever clothes I probably will most likely never end up wearing. As well until then, it's just a good sit in front of the computer watching E2 slowly grow.