Fraternities and sororities aren't a problem at all. Think of it as self-selected quarantine. If you made those idiots wear a big red 'M' on their chests for "moron", all the paranoid conservative right wing maniacs would shit a brick because the poor little rich white people are getting persecuted or some goddamn thing, am I right? I'm right! Ha-haa! You wouldn't get trouble from the miserable whining liberals about most of it because they don't care how much you abuse rich white people, but you have to remember that there are black fraternities in this great nation of ours, and the bleeding hearts would raise holy hell about that part for sure.

But you don't have to do that, because they'll do it voluntarily. Whaddya think those greek letters are? Better yet, lepers have to ring bells, but these semi-hominid fraternity critters make loud bellowing noises, which you can hear much farther away than a damn bell.

Then again, it's true that the fraternityites are a bunch of knuckle-dragging halfwits, but what about all the other losers? Every blessed living organism on college campuses today is a goddamn chimp at best, and sometimes I think I'm being generous at that. So-called "engineers" and math geeks are just a bunch of snivelling little girls. They're either whimpering radical leftist bed-wetting East-Coast pseudointellectuals with thick glasses, or else neo-Nazi crypto-fascist right-wing runts from the boonies who only went to college because they were too weak and sluggish to help out on the farm. Computer "science"? It's not a science, guys. They're idiots too. Most of them write in Visual Basic and the rest write in Perl, which is just as bad. Not a one of them would know a linked list if it came up and bit 'em in the ass... and believe me, I've seen it happen. It ain't pretty. English majors? Illiterate nonentities! Nine out of ten think Walt Whitman founded a candy company, and the rest get him confused with Walt Disney. The men are all pederasts, and the women are all either lesbo-dyke radical feminist ballbusters, field-hockey players with a Y chromosome, or fainting witless Mrs. degree candidates.

I think that about settles it.