Potheads are the scourge of our society. They breed fleas, which breed lice, which in turn breed dysentery and disaster.

The catastrophic effects of their loathsome addiction are easily seen all around us: They lose their inhibitions, and teen pregancy rates skyrocket; they lose their will to work, and the welfare rolls swell.

I defy you to give me a single example of a pothead who made a useful contribution to a decent Christian society. Carl Sagan? Yes, thank you, I was just about to mention that pseudo-scientific propagandist. Has any public figure in recent memory been more deeply and intractably hostile to honest evidentiary science than Carl Sagan? Has any public figure done more to promote atheism and amorality in public life? Few, if any. Bill Clinton is another known pothead. He didn't even inhale, and look what became of him: A maniacal sex criminal, a pathological liar and by all reliable accounts a murderer of children. Certain evidence has recently come to light linking Bill Clinton to cannibalism as well. His partner in crime Al Gore was also a pothead in his younger days. Draw your own conclusions.

The link between pot and cannibalism is simple and well-known: Pot destroys your inhibitions, clobbers your sense of right and wrong, and makes you ravenously hungry. And the word "cannabis" sounds a lot like "cannibals", doesn't it? Put two and two together, friends: These kids are killing and eating each other in carload lots.

It happens every day, but the Liberal Media cover it up. And rightly so: The newsrooms and city desks of the Liberal Media are crammed with bloody-handed potheads, denying God with one hand as they devour their young with the other. I am not making this up! The simple logic above proves me correct: Marijuana and cannibalism are inseparable.

The only question now on the table is, "What shall we do?" Will we sit on our hands and allow the epidemic to run its course, or will we grasp the nettle and take decisive action?

Let me rephrase that question: Are we mice or are we MEN? Speaking for myself, I am a man and I will do as I must to preserve my beloved nation.

May God bless our cause.