Money and wealth are a product of our Judeo-Christian European values and heritage. Allan Bloom has proven irrefutably that William Shakespeare invented the human race; likewise, in the days before the socialist take-over, Europe invented the concept of value, which is most naturally expressed as money and wealth. The two inventions are complimentary and interdependent. You can't have one without the other: Observe the degraded and subhuman state of socialist slave-"citizens" in totalitarian charnel houses like Canada, Sweden, and the People's Republic of Cambridge. Are these wretched creatures "human"? No, they are not: "Humanness" is the affirmative choice to be free, to create wealth, to worship our Creator as we are commanded to do, and to defend ourselves and our nation vigorously against those who would denigrate and abuse that Creator. "Humanness" is the realization that we are not apes, and it is the right to maintain our freedom from pernicious propagandandistic pseudo-scientific lies to the contrary. The antlike and mindless socialist slave-"citizens" are both unable and unwilling to make these choices. They have denied their humanity. They have sold their Judeo-Christian European values and heritage for a welfare handout.

Can you imagine a shintoist nation, with no Judeo-Christian European values and heritage to speak of, competing successfully with American Christian industry? It's a clear absurdity. Can you imagine the atheistic socialist slave-"citizens" of modern Europe inventing so grand and powerful a thing as the world wide web? Again, it's clearly absurd.

We invented wealth. Therefore we should get to keep it.

This Marxist nonsense about "workers' control of the means of production" (leftist "stock option" schemes, etc.) is nothing but an attempt to turn back the clock to an earlier and more barbaric time before Shakespeare's great invention, and in so doing to deny God's great hierarchy of Creation wherein businesses should naturally and fittingly be controlled by a single patriarchal owner, with employees as children existing only on sufferance (sense 5, by the way), to be disciplined or eliminated when they fail to demonstrate humility and submissiveness appropriate to their station.