"Socrates is mortal. All men are mortal. Therefore, all men are Socrates."

Just because Shakespeare was careless about spelling at a time when English spelling was not yet standardized, it does not necessarily follow that other people who cannot spell are also Shakespeare. This is a garden variety logical fallacy, and it also illustrates the Earn Your Bullshit principle.

In fact, Shakespeare was exceedingly careful with language. He was a fanatic about language.

What's so tough about proofreading? This is not rocket science. I'm astounded by the idea that an inability or unwillingness to proofread somehow signifies "creativity". Okay, I'm going to be creative now, just like Shakespeare:

lk;jas dfpoiueasr foihjasrg hawro8 h348h 340t8hj ergkl njqew4oi gthqeo4i haewgr naew4oghj eq4ouin aw4ogin awg4o;i hjaw4o ih3408u 20943oiaeroih ergjln sdarlgij! jas o8h49o8h sd ? lk 8uh4l3 og lnwoihoi!

Q.E.D., I'm Shakespeare. But then again, aren't we all?