These alleged "health dangers" (always unspecified, naturally) are grossly exaggerated; in fact, there' s no clear evidence to indicate their existence at all. Leaded gasoline is still widely used in so-called "third world" countries, with no apparent ill effects yet reported. Vague talk about "researchers suddenly and violently dying" (in a writeup deleted by the Liberals to conceal their lies) is of course meaningless. I see no statistics here. I see no references. All I see is unsupported scare stories. The dangers of lead are imaginary.

But that's par for the course, isn't it?

The liberals are in the business of gaining votes by terrifying the population (which they call the "bewildered herd") with just such scare stories. They're always trying to claim that drugs kill (they reap huge profits from the "war on drugs", both political (an enhanced police state mechanism) and economic), but again, it's all just vague talk.

So let's take a look under the hood. Let's see some facts.

Fact: A long-term study (the Harris-Martin-Rex Effluent Impact Study) conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture in the 1960s and 1970s accumulated overwhelming evidence indicating that fumes from leaded gasoline had no adverse effects on small mammals (mice, rats), nor any on insects; but that cultivated plants (particularly emmer wheat and quinoa) appeared to derive significant benefit: Annual improvements in productivity (measured as % protein of total plant mass) ranged consistently between 3.4% and 7%. No conclusions about causality were drawn: This was merely observed fact, a disinterested empirical gathering of evidence.

Okay, now when was the last time you read about that study in your local newspaper? Has it been mentioned on the TV news lately? Was it mentioned at the time when leaded gasoline was being banned?

Of course not. It was quietly ignored, wasn't it? Millions of perfectly good automobiles were junked because they weren't "environmentally correct", when in fact they were absolutely safe. The changeover to unleaded gasoline cost the American public billions of dollars and drove the entire nation into a deep recession. Even the enlightened Laffer Curve implementation of the Reagan Administration took a few years to put the economy back in the black.

And why were we subjected to this madness? No reason at all, really. The liberals just thought it would be "good for us" to be trained to obey their absurd "environomentalist" hysteria. They thought it would be "good for us" to get used to closing our minds and opening our wallets, taking it on the chin for the good of their pathetic "Gaia" goddess, a deity in which even they don't believe.

And here they come again, peddling the same old snake oil. Are you going to buy it again?!