Frühstück is the most beautiful word in any lanugage, and one of the finest things in life is shambling off a red eye from the US to Frankfurt at some arbitrary morningish local time, spending a groggy, dazed hour or so on a train, and eating a healthy Frühstück at an outdoor cafe table: Rolls, assorted meat pastes, raw tomatoes, raw onions, mustard, and a nice big refreshing glass of weissbier. I only like weissbier with breakfast, but with a good breakfast, in the right surroundings, boy howdy it just hits the spot. I've only done this once, but I really should do it again. Life is too short not to stay up all night and then eat tomatoes and onions in the sunshine with meat paste and weissbier.

Frühstück is German for breakfast. It's pronounced something more or less vaguely like "froo-shtook".