Trolls disgust me. Whining little pansies with nothing better to do than annoy real people who are trying to do God's work in an increasingly hostile secular environment.

Do you really think your petty little "arguments" are of any interest to your Creator?

If so, you are sadly deluded. When the jackbooted thugs break down your door in the middle of the night and drag you screaming out into the darkness never to be seen or heard from again, when your children are chopped up and sold as dog food (a little known feature of Al Gore's presidential platform; he plans to sell "unwanted" children to the Communist Chinese "for the sake of the environment" and a tidy profit), then, then you won't find it so God-damned amusing.

moJoe: The link between environmentalist insanity and abuse and exploitation of children is illustrated and proven beyond a doubt by leftist opposition to SUVs. SUVs are safer than "fuel-efficient" cars. Those who love their children drive SUVs. Those who refuse to drive SUVs are endangering their children's lives for the sake of preserving a perfectly imaginary ozone layer. Why? Environmentalists believe that humans (especially male, white, and Christian ones) are inherently "evil" and must be exterminated for the good of "Gaia". Exterminating children is the logical place to start, because children are unable to defend themselves. "Gaia" is the secular humanist name for the "earth mother" goddess to whom they dedicate their "human sacrifices" -- and those sacrifices are not always metaphorical, as the SUV example irrefutably demonstrates. Environmentalism is nothing if not an elaborate scheme to sacrifice the entire human race on the altar of a pagan "earth mother" goddess. Before you walk into the lion's mouth, you'd do well to stop and think about what's really going on.

Your irrational and savagely biased libel of Governor Bush can be dismissed with ease: It may be that Governor Bush made some mistakes as a young man, but it's clear to any objective observer that he has left those childish things behind him; his zeal in prosecuting drug offenders alone is enough to prove it. He is a decent, honest, and honorable man; your invidious attempt to stir up irrelevant dirt from his past shows you up for the hypocrite you are. By contrast, Bill Clinton is a degenerate pervert, a born criminal from head to toe. His youthful crimes are of interest because they serve to illustrate the depth and longevity of his criminality. An honest man has a right to his privacy, but a known criminal has no rights at all. This applies to liberals, Democrats, secular humanists, and all other subgenera of socialism: They espouse an unashamedly criminal philosophy; they seek to undermine this nation; they seek to undermine God Himself. If we must reveal their pasts to make their true nature clear to the voter, then so we must. Decent statesmen like Governor Bush and Senator Hyde have earned the right to keep their youthful indiscretions private. To expose their pasts would accomplish nothing but to unfairly smear and discredit honorable men, while cleverly distracting attention from the real crimes of the leftists. We reveal their crimes, and the shameless hypocrites respond with cheap smear campaigns. How sadly predictable it all is.

Naturally, you, a secular humanist atheist and pervert, consider honorable men to be the enemy. Having sworn yourself to erase all virtue and truth from the world, you will stop at nothing in your mission to destroy them! The radical leftist mainstream media feel the same way; this is why Klinton's and Gore's crimes remain unremarked and unknown while the official propaganda organs spew all manner of outrageous lying filth about Governor Bush with every stinking breath they take.

And your little dog, too!