Beltane also asked me my opinion on this matter.

I went through much the same reasoning as Gamaliel did, my first thought being not to namespace.

But my second thought went more to the perspective of those users who want to search the database and how they would enter it. Without knowing exactly what is already here, how could they look up what is here? Roundabout, I know, but, I think practical.

A general user would, I think, start at a composer, and then proceed to a specific piece. I guess I am advocating namespacing, but the thought I had was to start from some kind of metanode, an index, sort of, of, say Beethoven, and then proceed to a specific work.

I suppose this implies some sort of custodian, but then we have those who already do that sort of work with the metanodes they maintain on topics of interest to them. In the same way that a general user would go to a composer node to start, why couldn't a prospective noder?

If there is to be a consistently enforced standard, why not look to this slightly different perspective?

Anyway, that's what occurs to me. Hope it helps.