It is interesting how the great events of the world have been reduced to a television broadcast--especially on CNN.

The issues affecting the people of Serbia have been the same for months, at least, and just because there is now some dramatic footage that attracts the television viewers of the world--and I am one, too--does not necessarily mean things have really changed, either for us, or for Yugoslavs as a whole. We will see when the dust settles.

Even that great foreign policy analyst, Bill Clinton, observed yesterday, Vojislav Kostunica is not someone who is an ideal candidate for president--after all, he is what their system proposed.

But concerning me even more, is, as I've said, the reduction of the emotion of revolutionary joy to television programing. Most, even most users of everything, seem long ago to have given up any motivation for change, any motivation for the analysis of the political economy that governs us.

Revolution is beautiful, bring it into your lives, live by its ideals--do something right, something that can be shared!