Maybe this is not the correct place to node my concerns, maybe there is no correct place on all of Everything, but I am not all that sure of the educational value of television and even the internet.

I believe I have noded before, though I can't remember at the moment where, my belief that it is certainly to the advantage of corporations--tax deductions for the donation of hardware and software.

But even if one accepts the usefulness of such donations, it is just like a drug addiction--in a few years, the value of the contribution has dropped dramatically as the technology has become obsolete.

But I have grave doubts about the use of technology other than to assimilate children to their society--we already see that effect of television. And who many are sanguine about television's effects?

But it is how the technology is used, not the technology itself I already the criticisms being voiced.

Yes....but how will children learn how to use the technology? In Ontario, schools are already feeling the devastation of the cutbacks in school funding--the trade-off for tax cuts. Music, art, libraries, librarians, all the frills that distract from students learning how to go out and get a job! Also how the students learn how to think, to be wary of what they are presented with--unless we want them to be totally accepting of all that they see in the media, on the internet.

There is a new push to make up for the loss of public money, with private partnerships. But what is the agenda of those private concerns who wish to put stuff into the schools? Maybe their only concern is the well-being of the children--and their financial windfall is only a coincidence.

This is but the first of many inroads into the public system.