It has been a long time since I took anything that would even resemble Philosophy 101, so I don't think I can blame what I have to say upon any professor, or, I suppose, make any claims to factuality in this node. Nevertheless, here goes:

I have always liked the apollonian dictim Know thyself, and for myself, it has been the starting point of my own quest for knowledge, and for wisdom--though I think I have accumulated much more of the former than the later.

It seems to me that the word, philosophy, has within it the realm which is the goal of this node: I look to the meaning of the word, which has been used for so many years, in a way that is now lost to so many. Coming from the latin, philosophia, or love of knowledge.

How little do we love knowledge today, that we cannot see the value of thought itself, preferring to value mere external information.

And how much less do we value wisdom, which if we know ourselves, and our knowledge, we cannot avoid.