I am not quite so down as moJoe, but in general I cannot dispute his view, except in this:

In all fields there are those who spend their time getting ahead, especially politics, but also, of course, in science.

There are those scientists who feel it is not their business what happens to their discoveries--they are only searching for the truth, regardless of its effects. And it is up to those in the military and politics to decide what to do.

There are those like Edward Teller, gung-ho cold warriors, who forge ahead for the biggest, most powerful--and want to use it.

But I am older than 22, and I have been out of a college classroom for many years. I have seen several tides of students wash up against the shores--it is not always the way it seemes inside the hothouse of the college lab.

Where there is an Edward Teller, there is a J. Robert Oppenheimer, and an Andrei Sakharov--and in our very colleges, there are those, not purely, and thinly scientists, but also philosophers, who are making these decisions concerning how their discoveries will be used.

Not everyone wants to wear an "Armani suit."