I cannot disagree that certain chord progressions or changes may be used frequently, but I do disagree with the idea that they must be abandoned.

If we are going to play blues in some form or another, not necessarily the 12 bar form as in chrisjh's example 10 above, by definition we will use some form of it.

I like the blues. I go to it for inspiration often. (I've noded some of what I go to here.)

Maybe for chrisjh all these songs, and the changes they present, are "old, played out music." But there are only seven different chords in diatonic harmony. Even when using jazz and other altered chords, one is still working from the same basic palette of sounds.

I think it is, as it has always been, how the materials are used. When the true musician comes along, it really doesn't matter what chords are used, what matters is the song that is sung. And if the song isn't there, then it's only so much sound, no matter how novel the chords.