The answer to this question seems to me a continuation of the post I just made to An insightful post about E2 which I read on kuro5hin.

As Morgan77 has so metaphorically pointed out, E is like a big discussion group, although I would go further. We are trading, exchanging and giving away what we have created, and what we believe is worthwhile, fascinating, moving that others have created--and then discussing it.

The problem, thought smaller, is the problem of any database, any library, the web, life itself: we have to find our way pretty much on our own. And people do; they have as long as there has been knowledge, literature, music, science, philosophy.

This is the practical realization of Vannevar Bush's notion of the memex. Yes, one has to have a certain frame of mind--or lack thereof--to use this tool to its best use. But, as with any tool, any skill, with dedicated practice, and the model of respected teachers, we will learn--as we always have.