I suppose you're one of the people who think computers and ine internet will provide the way for constituents to voice their views continually--to continually give their representatives their marching orders.

One of the stated purposes of the Canadian Alliance party is to have their MP's take one referendum after another to discover what the view on the ground is.

Given the low interest in voting these days, even once every four years or so--in Canada the schedule is not like clockwork--I worry about the turnout for votes, how often?--every week, every day?

Parties once had a real purpose. Before the advent of modern communication, they brought the power of the state to those on the ground--lubricating the wheels of the bureaucracy that is not new. Then collect the power of the people together so that the political system would work in something approaching a meaningful way.

The Liberal Party of Canada has already reached the state ariels has described: less ideologically homogeneous. As the natural governing party it has long been so wide politically it encompasses so much, its only purpose is to win elections.

Telling the public what polls tell it to say during elections, it governs the way its business and wealthy masters tell it to between elections. Or at least as much as it can get away with.

I could be wrong, but isn't this the state the Democrats and Republicans are in the United States?

Isn't the problem that parties do not represent any views of constituents? In fact, there is hardly anything left of what political parties were. Now it's just the Leader, and his advisers, and during elections, the election machine as well.

If there were parties that actually represented the views of citizens, rather than just the oligarchy of business and wealth, maybe something better would happen.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against business and wealth have their own parties, but they should not have the only parties.

How about the Businesspeoples' Party for Total World Domination, and the Party for the Wealthy to Keep Their Money.

Then the rest of us would be able to make parties we might actually be able to control. That might actually advocate policies benefiting most of us, and not the few that have captured virtually all parties, so-called.

Whywait?: What about proportional representation?

I attempted to provide my guidance to the NDP. My life-changing experiences there are why I now provide my guidance to everything.