As with all great literature, whether written or viewed, the technology is merely the setting for a good love story, which is itself merely a 'by the way' for a story of personal development. The idea, pretty near for us today, is that we will be limited by the apparent potential 'written' in our DNA.

The plot concerns Vincent, played by Ethan Hawke, who was 'conceived in love,' by chance, and not by the design that most others were. So, his DNA is not optimum.

After 'kicking around' in the underclass of those whose DNA doesn't measure up, who are prevented from getting the jobs those with elite DNA can, Vincent decides to transform himself. With the aid of those who make money from such things, he does.

His dream, always, was to go to space. This drives him beyond his potential, not written in the stars, but written in his DNA. On the way, he surpasses his biological brother, who is genetically perfect, and another, whose gene-identity he acquires.

Actually, it is quite a moving movie, not what I had expected. But then, it deals with aspirations, not mechanisms, the dreams that make our lives.