fragment 1

. . . I am holding to a balloon. I am floating over the campus of some university. There are no short ways to anything. There seem to be walls, and fences, and long way arounds to everywhere. . .

fragment 2

. . .Arriving at my residence, I don't quite know the way around the halls. They are narrow and dirty. I find a room I think is mine. I open the door. Inside it is bare. The kitchen part is bare and curtained. There are lights, and muffled sounds coming from that part. Then I remember--my room is on the other side of that. And I know--I am being watched. . .

fragment 3

. . . Before I get to the door of my room, I am picked up by the chief of police. He beats me in a dreamy, cartoony sort of way.

I say, to anyone who happens to be around me, "The cops can do anything they like, so I will hit him back. . . "