. . . I walk through a door. . and I am in the box of a large theatre, or opera house. A learned professor is giving a lecture way, way down at the front. In the box with me are other students, and a tutor-lecture assistant.

The professor is too happy with his students; he is asking for responses to his assignments. No one is answering. But I am thinking, Gaea--I know this.

He calls upon the "officers of the class"; they don’t know either. Finally, he terminates the class.

Up in our box, I give the lecture assistant an essay I just happen to have with me. He looks through it. With us in our box, there is an older man--I suppose a wise man--who is approving of my essay and what I have written. And so is the lecture assistant. He asks me what would I have said to answer the professor’s question; I say Gaea. There is a gasp from the students around me. . .