. . .It's raining. I am moving through the house, checking the windows, making sure they are closed.

I am in the basement. The first room I come into, the window is open; I close it. And the next.

But in the third room, to my horror. . . I discover a window that is mottled. . .and a frame that is rotten. Not only is the frame rotten, but the pane of glass is TOO SMALL to fit up into the rotten wood. How it has remained in place this long, I don’t know.

I think it was held up by being keep open. And now that I try to close it, it comes free of the frame. As I am trying to figure out what to do. . .I let the glass go. . .and it starts to fall inward! But I catch it. I am left breathless.

On the bottom of the frame is a small piece of wood, a couple of nails sticking out. I think this may do to support the pane up into the top of the frame, but what about the sides, and what about the bottom?

It's still raining. . .