This dream seems to be a movie. It is called The Kiss.

scene 1

A new subdivision. Partly built houses. Mud. Pools of muddy water.

I am in a group of people here to inspect a nearly built house. Some people in the group are the buyers; some, like me, I think, are the builders. The other most important people in this group are a woman, and a man.

We exit a car and go up a muddy driveway to the house. In the car I am talking to the woman. She is, like all of us, rather drab in appearance--a good match for the rather drab setting.

When we get to the building, she goes off with the man--who seems to be English, and seems to be a musician. They disappear into some kind of dark underhang. I hear the phrase "(The woman's name, which I don't know) has pretty pink panties!"

scene 2

I am in the front of the building, in the road facing it. Coming down the driveway is a falling apart car. The driver is someone I know. He smiles at me as the car is absorbed into a muddy puddle. I say to him it--the car--should be in a concrete form; he agrees.

scene 3

The houses are finished. I am in the one next to the one from before. It is some kind of shelter. The residents are malformed in various kinds of cartoonish ways.

I decide to go out. It is cold. I am not too badly dressed; I see I am wearing a vest, but no coat. I see my breath.

scene 4

The woman is seen in her house. She is now well-dressed, and made up--quite beautiful.

scene 5

She is out walking with a woman friend. They are both well-dressed.

I will myself into more appropriate clothes. But when we approach, we turn around and walk away in opposite directions.

scene 6

The last scene focuses on the sky. It is dark. There are large zeppelin-like objects, and large bone-shakers--bicycles with a big front and small back wheel--with riders in the sky. This has a dream-like, surreal quality.

I think, or hear, a voice say "We are not alone!"