The first image is a baby in a bed.

My brother and I are discussing/arguing the relative values/merits of pre-cable and post-cable television.

The next image is a debate/discussion of these very values/merits by a panel of experts.

Then, the image of a post-cable television, I think, that I have somehow, pushed over and broken its connection.

My brother and I are looking for another connected television. We are in our mother's room--it opens up and becomes an apartment. There are two women sleeping here--neither is our mother. Regarding the main one, I have the thought--she is a magician.

My brother is talking loudly, like a child. I am trying to shush him. The main woman wakes up and chides him.

The next image is a group of tables outside, like a patio restaurant. I am talking with the magician. We are talking about adventures. I, I think, am saying I am not so interested in Odyssian adventures, but am more interested in Boccasian ones.

In from of us, it is snowing, or sanding. A police car is transforming: a big car to a small one, and it slides in the snow or sand. We laugh.

Unlike my previous logs, I feel this is a complete dream, not a fragment. At least it is as complete as these things go.