Technology, like any other product of our monoculture, is created not with the goal of helping the many, but to serve the interests of those wealthy enough to control it.

This is purely commonsense. I was watching the news yesterday, there was an item on how Canadian Members of Parliament used wireless technology to assist them in doing what they do--no different than any businesspeople.

What has the internet become? I have already written about the change from information superhighway to ecommerce.

Atomic power, once touted as being able to produce electricity too cheap to meter, threatens us with accidents--Three Mile Island, Chernobyl--with decommissioning costs. And even though U-235 has been around for more than 50 years, and so have we, is not to say that the threat of mutually assured destruction hasn't made us do things that really were out of our control--what was/is the arms race?

All technology will eventually be put to the use of threat. This seems to be a pathology built into our psyche. There is more money here than for curing disease, ending poverty, ensuring good jobs for all who can work.

All technology enslaves. We never see this clearly. We sure never want to admit it. Even all the high technology that permits the existence of Everything--as much as I like it--is beyond our ability to truly use it. Even though the administration here is benign, others use similar technology more malevolently.

We must always be on our guard. We must never take anything at face value.

Just because we can do something, doesn't mean that we should or must.