"Capitalism is simply man's natural state of freedom."

I think I've quoted it correctly. Now, if anyone can throw their mind back to a time before capitalism transformed the face of the earth.

Maybe that was before the agrarian revolution that forcibly expelled pesants from the land--the commons--upon which they had subsisted for generations without the need for money, and the entire society built with the bricks of buy, sell,profit and capital. Before enclosures, created by the British Parliament, captured as it was by interests inimical to the peasants.

And today? IF YOU DON'T BUY, YOU DIE. Its as simple as that.

And who can think outside this box? Advertising has long been the most effective thought police the world has even known. Not only is there so little else to think about, we hardly have the apparatus to think about it with.

Capitalist institutions are so big, so total, that old bug-a-boo, hated in certain governments of Right and Left, that there is no hope for individuals in the face of these behemoths.

Only the much dispised unions, and government regulation, these 'limiting governmental and social mechanisms,' that are our only hope.

In Canada, there have been various experiments with public ownership, public sector, crown corporations, and public agencies because we have believed, unlike many, if not most, Americans, that the welfare of individuals is not best handled exclusively by the private sector.