This episode demonstrates the particular genius of J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of Babylon 5.

The primary, secondary and tertiary plots come to a simultaneous climax in the revival service that Brother Theo's colleague hold in the Babylon 5 chapel.

To the singing of the gospel song, from which the episode draws its name, the scene cross-cuts to Lord Refa's killing at the hands of G'Kar and the Narns. The slow motion chase, and killing of Refa--the butcher of Narn--contrasted with the principle characters singing in revival is quite striking.

It is also the breaking of John Sheridan's crankiness, which is what allows him to share his burden with Delenn; together, they solve the Shadows true strategy.

J. Michael Straczynski often portrays these many levelled plots, both in individual episodes, and over seasons, and the entire plot arc. He has said that the whole idea came to him in the shower one day.