I'm sitting here, writing the first node for a while, thinking about the end of this century past. Long since losing the intoxication of many months of intense noding, creating for myself, for a few brief moments, a shared imagining of what this thing could be.

How lucky we are! How much we think we are going to be the lucky ones, the winners in the race we are running. And the devil take the hindmost!

I never was a true optimist, even when I was young--as I grow a bit older, I think less so. I think we hear too much about how this very thing we are sending electrons through will save the world, and each other. But how insular this is!

I won't even repeat the demographics of users. I won't repeat the ratio of non-users to users, or their demographics.

I am a pessimist. I can't help but think how we are distracted by the new fantasy, the new religion that infects individuals, corporations, and governments, that we must plug in to be alive. And I have shared this--share it still.

But as we throw so many to the wolves of history, what will we do when they come for us?