Life has come to a stand still. Everything has become pointless and extremly redundant. I've lost all my will power, I've lost all my motivation. Soon I think that my life will just come to an end. Not literally though, metaphorically. My mind is almost gone. I've lost all my sanity, with no hint of any temporary sanity. Everything is just too bland.

I want more out of things. I want more out of my life, yet I just don't seem to be getting more. Instead I get less. I've looked for love, even affection, and I just haven't been able to find what I really want.
Someone to hold and talk with. Someone that will say "I Love You"

I damn the way that my life has been. I damn everything. I'm lost and have no fucking guide. No one is willing to take me on wing and lead me through this point in my life. It's too much for me. I just wish for some of this stress to leave. I don't want these things upon my shoulders any longer.
I've been reading through nodes lately and have found several people obsessed with things. Things I will not mention, but dear lord, its a fucking massive obsession. Am I as obsessed as this person? Am I?