Today me and my friend skipped first period to go swimming in icy cold water and also to purchase the new Toolcd Lateralus great cd by the way. We got to the mall at about 9:20 and waited for a another 20 minutes for Sam Goody to open. We went in, purchased it first ones to buy that particular cd in the RGV and walked out. All day I listened to that cd.

I got home that night at about 10:20 and started burning some cds. I burned about 21 cds last night on 2 4x burners. It felt like forver. I couldn't stand waiting so I got online while I was burning the cds. I talked to a buddy of mine online and continued burning the cds. At about 1 A.M. a friend of mine starts banging on my window. I let him inside and he started telling me about the pot he gave me. It is the equivalent to what was referred to as Sister G-14 in American Beauty. Strong shit. He started showing me scars he had from the hallucinations. Awed me.

I then fell asleep at my comp after he left and woke up an hour later to see that the lights were off. Turns out my father had entered and churned them off.

What a day wouldn't you say?