I got home late today. As I walked in my father looks at me and asks," Where the hell were you?" I just gave him a blank look and said, " I told you I wasn't coming home after school." He picks up my back pack and hurls it across the room and says,"Why didn't you call saying you were gonna be late?" "Because I figured you guys wouldn't care seeing as how I'm not at home on the computer." With those words I closed the door on his face and told him to leave me alone. He opened the door and said, " Explain to me this much, why do you smell like youve been smoking." "Because my friend smokes???" He just looked at me and walked away. I know he is one to me. Someone must have told him I smoke. But who?

Later that night he came into my room and woke me up. He screamed at me for not telling him where I was. What the fuck is going on here? My father had a smell of alcohol on his breath. He came in and punched my arm with alot of force asking me at the same time why I had smelled like smoke. I just pushed him out and closed my door. The next morning he looked at me with a sort of bitterness that just couldn't be ignored. He took me outside and said, " If I find out you were smoking pot again it will be that end of you and going out with anyone ever again." " I looked at him and walked away. He screamed once more calling me an ignorant fat ass so I flipped him off and walked away.