Why do they put me in the middle?

Today was supposed to be a good day for me. supposed to... Everything went to shit and more today. We go drop off my mother at work and she gets mad at my sister for not letting her finish her work. She cries and my father interprets what happened as my mom not wanting us with her. So he tries and turns us the children against her by saying I dont know why she doesnt want you guys there with her... Every fucking time they do it though, I get stuck in the middle. My mother calls and ask why my father called and said that my sisters were crying and I told her they weren't. My father had apparently told her that she had caused all of that. So I ignored em the rest of the day. We went to pick her up just me and my father at work and everything was fine. We went to pick up my guitar at my friends house and all hell broke loose. I went in to get it and when I came back out, my parents were screaming at one another. I was the one driving thank the stars. The whole ride home i had half a mind to run the van into a street sign or tree. Something that would kill me and get them to stop fighting. I dont know why I couldnt do it.

I've given up on my parents. My mom keeps saying she is going to leave my father yet, she never does. He promises that everything will be better and it all gets worse. I cant stand this much more. I'm ready to die. Someone take my life from me, get me away from all this hatred, all the pain, suffering.... just take me away