Today was another one of those days where everything seems to be against you. Most of the day was okay but toward the end it just became crap. I finished my shit and then some upperclassmen walk in and embarrass the shit out of me. another name to the hitlist. I bell rings and as I'm walking out, some guy runs up to me with a dildo and starts ramming it into my fucking face. As I'm walking away from him a door opens and slams into my arm. I push the door back and hit some freshman in the face with it. Oh well. I would have punch the guy with the dildo right in the gut had it not been for the teachers around.

On the way home, my friends tire dies on us. Then when we hit the back roads I light up a cigarrette and the ash kept flying back into my eyes. GOD DAMMIT I get home and go to sleep. My mom gets back from a 3 day buisness trip and bitches me out for not "helping" my dad outside. Jesus fucking christ is every one against me today? I finish helping him out after an hour and go to the store. The headlight dies on me and I almost hit a dog. I turn the radio up as loud as possible and pull into the store here in sebastian only to pull in next to a cop. The cop gets down and lectures me about driving with my radio that loud. Fuck you I get home about 5 minutes later and my mom and dad start interrogating me asking me what I was doing on the roof for so long the night before. I told them and that was that.

I get online to see whose on and NOBODY is online. I sat for 15 minutes and nobody came on. I got up to go to the bathroom and come back only to see that I was kicked offline. I sign back on and see now that people are online. I had just initiated a conversation with one of them when my parents say," Leave the room."(my computer is in there cause they think I spend to much time on it.) FUCK God dammit why has today been so fuckking shitty.

I'm am ready to die. Someone just fucking take my life. My day has been shit, and I'm sure tomorrow is gonna suck ass as well. My life is falling apart. Kill me please.

Note: I found out why I've been waking up with cuts on my body. Turns out the blade to an exacto knife has been stuck on my bed and cuttin me in my sleep.