Today my dad came by and picked me up.

It was weird because picked me up at 8:30 yet said nothing though. I asked him to let me drive and we got into the van and left. In the van we started talking about stupid little things that didnt really have anything to do with what I wanted to hear him say. Chris I miss you around the house But I doubt he would say it. I do wish he would have said something to me other than The girls miss you and your mom misses you as well but thats all he would say. We went to eat at the local Denny's and we talked a bit there. But not once did he mention anything about him missing me. We finished eating and left to Best Buy because he wanted to price computers. He has no computer at home seeing as how I have it here at my aunts I convinced him to buy one for himself and that was that. On the way back we stopped at a Whataburger and got something to drink. Clumsily I dropped my shake on the console in the van. Oh well

As I pulled into the drive way my dad said " You know maybe you should come back and stay at the house for a day y'know. For the girls sake." ARG...why wont he just come out and say he misses me. I agreed and said i'd think about it. With that we went our seperate ways.

I dont think I'll ever be able to understand my father. He has never shown me and direct affection. No hugs, no I love you son , nothing of the sort. But god dammit I wish he would. I hate him for not showing me anything like that.

On the lighter side.... I'm fixing to get a new monitor.....yippee!