Today she left without saying goodbye. Thats all I wanted. One goodbye. I guess it was best. I will miss her. We had our kicks together and other things. We laughed with one another every time we were together. I did not love her. I did feel for her. She was the best friend I had. She did many things for me. My whole social life has now died that she is gone. I never went anywhere until I met her. and now she is gone.

If you read this here is the deed to my laugh

Other than that today was a pretty much okay day. My dog ate my cigarrettes and I fell off the roof.

I need a shoulder to cry on. My life is so shitty right now. I can't even go to school for fear that I will literally be killed. I have nothing worth while in my life so just fuck it all. Why has my life been so bad lately. Maybe its just my hormones I dunno. whatever it is I wish it would stop.

Nobody talks to me anymore. I want to tell my lifes story to someone....anyone that will listen.Yet nobody will listen to me